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I’m Nuria, a 43-year-old Catalan escort. I’m an explorer and enjoy with everything I do and with all the people that I meet, I am always on the lookout for new sensations.

I’m a college grad and have a professional career which I combine with my search for new lovers and my need to discover new emotions. I love life and enjoy every moment to the utmost both in my mind or my sensual body that nature so graciously endowed me with.

I adore kissing and being kissed, caressing and being caressed, licking and being licked, seducing and being seduced. I am passionate about sex, open minds and commonplace pleasures. With few taboos my open mind allows me to be swept away.






Hi Nuria,

My name is X, I’m xx years old.

I’ve seen your profile and I think you’re the person I’m looking for.

Because of my job, I am a senior manager in a multinational company, I am under a lot of pressure and I often feel very lonely and have little spare time.

My life is a succession of planes, cities, meetings and empty rooms of luxury hotels.

I am looking for a woman to share, with some assiduity, special moments that make me disconnect from my day to day, both in intimacy and in evenings, leisure, relax, maybe some trip … As often as we feel like doing this.

My proposal is to meet next Wednesday at 20:30 for dinner and then enjoy some privacy in a hotel.

We will be able to get to know and discover calmly the chemistry of our bodies and our minds.

Many thanks in advance for your time.

I look forward to meeting you next Wednesday.

Kind regards






Dear X,

It will be a pleasure to meet you and discover you.

You look like a respectful and exquisite gentleman, essential requirements for the encounter to flow with magic.

You will discover that I am a very mental woman, intelligence and humor is what seduces me most, but also irremediably I am passionate, sexual, adventurous and daring. I’m attracted to “sexy” brains.

With me you will not get bored either mentally or physically and I am sure that for you I will be an oasis of disconnection.

When we get to know each other, I’ll explain in more detail, the many things we can do and enjoy together. Whether in the intimacy or exploring charming restaurants, little known magical places or activities of leisure and relaxation.

Thanks for contacting me

Anxiously waiting for Wednesday to come

Warm regards

Nuria Glam

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